I. Emergency Planning

The current crisis caught the country and schools by surprise. Building new infrastructure to teach at a distance can be difficult in such a short time frame. We have experts and planners that can help you use your existing infrastructure to effectively continue learning for the remainder of the 19/20 school year. We have a free webinar that will help you find a path through the end of the semester either using your own resources or with our experts to help quickly move your curriculum to an appropriate modality for your district and schools.

II. Distance Learning Plan

We work with school leadership to develop a Distance Learning Plan that is comprehensive, effective and equitable for all students. The plan will include a curriculum plan that addresses:

  • Differentiation strategies and content
  • SDAIE strategies to support English Learners
  • Intervention instruction for students in Tier 2 and 3 interventions
  • Accessibility and instruction for students with special needs
  • Meaningful Assessments

The Distance Learning Plan will contain the following components:

  • Selection of Learning Management System and online programs
  • Professional Development for administrators, teachers and teaching assistants
  • Student Support Services
  • Technology support for both students and teachers
  • Parent communication and training
  • Resources for implementation, including a budget

Schools Success Partners provides various levels of support for schools who are at different stages of creation and implementation of their Distance Learning Plan.  Pricing is dependent on the level of support needed by the individual school. Some schools might already have a Distance Learning Plan completed and would like a review of the plan with feedback.  Other schools might be at the initial stages of developing a plan and need guidance and support in creating the plan.  

III. Professional Development

At School Success Partners we believe that the best and most meaningful type of professional development is one that is tailored to the specific needs of each school and to the various levels of needs that individual teachers may have.  All of our professional development sessions are hands-on, interactive, online sessions where participants can practice the strategies being taught in real time. Here is a sample of some professional development sessions we can offer:

  • Learning Management System training for teachers and administrators
  • Online instructional strategies and best practices for teachers
  • Technology training for implementation

IV. Online content creation/Course Design

In the short term, our experts will help you use your existing structure, whether it’s a Google Classroom, Moodle system or simply telephone, texts and emails, to help students continue to grow throughout this year. We can also support faculty in designing instructional lessons that meet the content standards and that are appropriate to distance learning.

In the long term, our experts will help you devise a strategy and systems so that the next emergency will be easier to navigate. Even if there is no future emergency, building online learning systems can help students and families with personal emergencies and make it easier for students to make up days missed due to outside extracurricular activities such as athletics and performing arts.

V. Coaching with administrators and teachers

Do you need help finding the right platform for your school? Do your teachers need advice on building online modules and methodologies appropriate for their grade level and student body? Our experts will happily meet and work with your faculty to plan for this or future crises.