Free Webinar: Planning for Emergencies


Schools are under enormous pressure to find a way to continue to educate students even without contact due to stay at home orders. What’s best to do now? How should we prepare for additional stay at home orders or other emergencies in the future? This webinar will help you navigate the rest of this school year, find short term solutions and plan for the future in three segments on pedagogy or learning science, technology and accessibility law.

I. Crafting Good Remote and Online Instructional Activities: Evidence-Based Frameworks for Selecting and Refining Our Approaches

Learning science can offer a way forward when you’re weighing all the options for designing online and remote instruction. This segment will present two concise sets of criteria to consider when making these choices. First, there are the best practices that emerge from practical and theoretical research on learning with technology. Second, there are the major cognitive processes that support learning. These criteria can offer a framework that helps us quickly and efficiently select from different options for online and remote instruction, and can help spark faculty creativity as they consider how to capture essential aspects of instruction in online modalities.

II. Choosing the Right Technology for your School

Educational technologists often over promise and under deliver. Promoters and technology companies often promote the idea that their technology will revolutionize everything from preschool to higher education. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all technology solution, and whether it’s the large research university or the small charter school makes a big difference in which technology is selected. Individual circumstances, demographics and the time to implement should shape decisions over technology. This segment will help leaders choose the right technology with the right timeline for their institution.

III. Special Education: Following the Law and Keeping Up During the COVID 19 Crisis

Special Education and 504 plans can be confusing during a typical school year. Add the element of distance learning and figuring out how to support the families and students in your school can seem impossible. Learn how to conduct IEP meetings online, differentiate instruction, conduct evaluations and continue to provide FAPE while keeping all of your students and staff safe.